Paulv2k4 Frostbite Modding Tool 2021 (Alpha 8.4)

Creator(s):  paulv2k4
Tags(s):  FIFA 21, FIFA 21 Mod Launcher, FIFA 21 Editor, Frostbite Editor, Madden 21 Editor
Category:  Tools
Uploaded Date:  Sunday, 17 January 2021
This early access Frostbite Modding Tool allows users to gain some access to textures, gameplay data, files and ability to load compiled Mods.

Has support for FIFA 21 (FIFA 20 and Madden Support removed for now)

NOTE: If you are first using this tool, it will attempt to create a full copy of your Data folders (to leave them unaltered for a vanilla launch). This will take some time on first launch!


+ Frostbite, Legacy & FIFA mod Launcher
+ Legacy File Explorer and Extractor
+ Legacy Mod Compiler
+ Gameplay Editor
+ Texture, Kit and Data Import and Export with full explorer
+ Save all changes to projects and export to fbmods for other players to use
+ Supports the following file types. .fbmod (created by this tool), .zip (containing multiple files), .lmod (created by this tool), .fifamod (created by FIFA Editor Tool)

- No you cannot MODIFY meshes through this tool's editor, although *.fifamod meshes are fully supported through the launcher.

Changes in 8.4

- *.fbmod files are now encrypted and compressed (to make files smaller)
- *.fifamod files are now supported and can be launched through this tool

Changes in 8.3

- Upgraded .NET from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET Core 3.1 (with the eventual push to .NET 5.0 and single EXE soon)
- Added 3D Mesh Viewer
- Added SkinnedMeshAsset reader (Skinned Meshes should now appear in a window when selected in the asset list)
- Added SkinnedMeshAsset exporter
- Improved FIFA 21 Plugin mod compiler logic to better support large mods which modify a lot of assets (i.e. its faster)
- Updated .cache building, removing unused items and improving Ebx Indexing
- Started support of *.fifamod (this is hidden from launcher in this version)
- Started Players Tab (feature removed from this version as its useless at this time)
- Removed unused items from Asset Manager
- Updated .cache to latest FIFA 21 title update
- Started adding encryption to *.fbmod files (unfinished, be aware your mods are unlikely to work with the next version of the tool)
- Improved Sdk compiler slightly (not perfect as some Ebx Assets are still not working / reading correctly)
- Loads of under the hood improvements

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