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After years of modding FIFA, I've been apart of several sites that support our great community. This last year or so, our community has drifted from the main goal, which is make FIFA great! To one of money, greed and thievery.
I for one, wanted to give something back for all the effort so many people put in to making this game great! So I decided to expand my website into a FIFA Mod hub.
Supported by me and anyone willing to donate through Patreon. This site will allow modders to; upload their mods, be approved by a panel of top mod creators and be available for others to consume, all in one place!

FIFA 20 Mods

Gameplay mods - FIFA 20 Gameplay Realism Mod

I take pride in supplying gameplay mods for FIFA that are a mix of fun to play and realism. As well as this, I am looking to fully support all users to develop their own gameplay mods by supplying Tutorials, Documentation & User interfaces.
My key gameplay mod aims and features are
  • Less boring games
  • Remove Super Goalkeepers
  • More AI long passes
  • More AI direct dribbling
  • More AI shooting
  • More reliance on tactics
  • Player likeness
  • More AI tackling
  • More fouls
  • New ball control system - it's harder
  • Changed ball physics
  • Disabled Dynamic/Adaptive Difficulty

Career Mode mods - FIFA 20 Realism Mod

I started career mode modding in FIFA 15. I have several aims for my career mode mods, although the highest priority is realism. I am looking to fully support all users to develop their own career mods documentation and tutorials.
This year I am supplying the  FIFA 20 Realism Mod for the Career Mode.
Each version of the mod is an all in one. So with every update, ensure to remove the old version first from Frosty Mod Manager.

How to install FIFA 19 mods and FIFA 20 mods

  1. FIFA Mods traditionally come in a .fbmod format which can only be read by Frosty Mod Manager. Before you start, make sure you download Frosty Mod Manager from their website.
  2. Once downloaded, use 7-zip (It's FREE, no trials) to extract the the contents anywhere on your PC.
  3. Run FrostyModManager.exe. Click New and browse to your FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 Install directory (By default this is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA {version name}).
  4. Click "Import Mod" and browse to your downloaded mod (this may require you to extract the download to a folder).
  5. Once imported, click on the mod in the list and click "Apply Mod" (this should make the mod appear on the right)
  6. If the mod has a "!" warning symbol, it is likely the mod will not work with your version of FIFA
  7. If you are ready, click Launch (this may require Administrator to run it's initial setup)
  8. Be patient and wait at least 15 to 30 seconds for it to run the game
  9. Enjoy!

How to create your own FIFA 19 mods and FIFA 20 mods

I will be creating a tutorial series on how to create your own FIFA 20 PC mods. Here is the first video which goes through FIFA's files via the Frosty Editor.

How to install my FIFA 20 Career Realism Mod

This is a short tutorial on how to install my FIFA 20 Career Realism Mod and dynamic system

Want loads of new faces in your game?

Jay (Jaycensolo) has packaged up all the faces he has gathered and created a pack for you to download. Credits go to all their respective mod creators (MPR, UFM, EmreKaya, Sgt Kim etc.)